The Terms and Conditions of our Rental Agreement can be found HERE (link to agreement). All orders, without exception, are bound to this Rental Agreement.

Your packages need to be picked up or dropped off to Fed Ex within 2 days of your event (excluding Sundays and holidays). That being said, we understand it’s an exciting, busy time and can accommodate a couple extra days if needed. If you do not make prior arrangements, there is a $50 per day late fee.
This is to be expected, they are gorgeous after all! If you would like to keep any of the items from your wedding, please contact us to discuss pricing.
We ask that you treat the items with the respect and care that you would if you were borrowing them from a friend. Minor wear and tear such as small scratches or stains is expected. Items lost, damaged, stolen or altered in any way are the responsibility of the customer. “A security deposit is taken with the final payment and is refunded to you within 48 hours of our receipt of the returned items.”
As long as your package hasn’t shipped, you can receive a full refund. Refunds are provided within 1 business day of your cancellation notice. Packages are usually shipped 10 days before your event. Please feel free to contact us for your exact shipment date.
Yes! Thanks for asking! Here are some of the important things that will make this a pleasurable experience for all:

  • We highly recommend taking your florals out at least one day prior to your event. We pride ourselves in hand checking every package before it leaves so that everything arrives as expected. If there ever is a situation where something has arrived missing or broken, with 24 hour notice, we can rectify the situation.
  • You are responsible for the items once they are delivered, so we strongly suggest you have someone sign for them. An additional deposit may be required for couples choosing not to opt for this.
  • Please make sure you get a receipt from the FedEx agent when returning packages. You are no longer responsible for the packages once they have been turned over to FedEx. For this reason, it is important to retain a copy of the receipt from FedEx for your records.